BACH:  Goldberg Variations.
Jory Víníkour, harpsichord
DELOS DS 3279 (2 CDs) TT: 85:39
This recording was made in October2000 in Skywalker Sound studios, Marin County, CA.  Bach's Goldberg Variations, one of the masterpieces of the repertory, is a welcome addition to the multi-channel library particularly in a performance as knowing as this.   But is multi-channel really needed for a solo instrument, particularly the delicate sounds of a harpsichord?  Sound on this CD is superb, but watch playback level or you'll have a monster instrument that really doesn't exist.  The two CDs sell for the price of one, fortunately,  but this is hardly a disk to display surround sound. 
LLOYD:  Cello Concerto.  Orchestral Suite No. 1 from "The Serf."
Albany Symphony Orch/David Alan Miller, cond.
ALBANY TROY 458 TT:  67:24
(5 channel)
A major issue of  premiere recordings of music by this sadly-neglected composer, particularly one of his last works, the poignant, introspective Cello Concerto, coupled with a 7-movement suite of music from his early opera The Serf.  This is the first surround recording from the acoustically-superb Troy Savings Bank in Albany, New York, impressively capturing orchestral sound with warmth, clarity and impact.  I look forward to future issues from this source...perhaps some of the Lloyd symphonies?