Robert Lockwood, Jr.
TELARC SACD 63509 TT: 61:14 
(5.1 surround)
Blues legend Robert Lockwood, Jr., who just celebrated his 85th birthday, can be heard in these 1999 recordings.  His distinctive, rich voice and solo acoustic guitar perform a group of Robert Johnson classics, some of Lockwood's own old and new songs, as well as several songs associated with other great Delta players. Fine multi-channel sound.
TELARC SACD 63552 TT:  62:07
 (5.l surround)
This CD features Monty Alexander, piano, melodica;  with Glen Browne, bass; Dalton Browne, rhythm guitar; Derek DiCenzo, lead guitar; Leon Duncan, bass; Desi Jones, drums; Leroy Romans, keyboards, and Bobby Thomas, Jr., hand drums & percussion.  There are twelve tracks of homage to the musical and cultural ideals that have drawn millions of immigrants to the U.S., most  presented with a distinctly Jamaican groove, including many touchstones of 20th Century popular music. Expect the usual fine Telarc multi-channel sound.