"The Artistry of TERESA PEREZ"
FIM SACD M041 TT:  68:28 & 38:58
Teresa Perez is a fine cellist who is heard here in 22 tracks accompanied variously by the All Star Percussion Ensemble, John Whitney Trio, Tim Gorman Ensemble and Tim Janis Ensemble.  Most music is on the introspective side,  effectively and beautifully presented.  What is unusual is that there are 13 tracks of SACD Stereo, and 9 tracks in SACD Surround, all recorded over a five-year period, mostly digital but some analog recordings.  I had to set my CD player for the stereo program; it automatically played the surround version. Interesting,  indeed - and confusing as well.

RAVEL:  Sonatine.  Le Tombeau de Couperin.  Valses nobles et sentimentales & other short works
Dejan Lazic, pianist
(5 channel)

An attractive program of Ravel piano music although strangely it doesn't include any of the composer's wrist-breaking showpieces, all, perhaps, in keeping with the title of the disk - Retrospection - but a bit more variety would be welcome. What is here is sensitively played and recorded with uncommon presence - in 5 channels a piano larger than life, indeed.