"The Ultimate DVD Surround Sampler"
(5.1, 6 and 4 channel)
Self-explanatory, and living up to its title with surround setups for 5.1 and 6 channel setups to check phasing, response and levels, all clearly explained.  A NYC Subway Ride will shock your neighbors.  The disk also includes about forty minutes of samples of Chesky surround recordings - all magnificent sonically although they are in 4 channels instead of 5.1 or 6 as Chesky feels the center and low-frequency channels do not add to the sound picture.  For more about their philosophy on surround sound, go to their SITE and click on "Forums."
CRASH! BANG! BOOM!  The Best of Warner Bros. Sound FX
Warner Bros/Kid Rhino DVD-A R9 76729 (5.1 channel)
This contains demonstrations of cartoon sound effects many created by soundman Treg Brown associated with Bugs Bunny. Often these are in surround sound, but all are presented in 18 groups with a still photo for each cluster - not the cartoons from they they came.  Total playing time for all this is about 43 minutes, 7 of which is an unfunny audio Duck Dodgers in the 21st Century. Other "features" are a 45-second audio interview with Treg Brown, a 16-picture "photo gallery" of  cartoon lobby cards and two video "bios" (of Treg Brown and Carl Stallings) each containing about 7 lines.   A DVDA for young kids only.