C.P.E. BACH: Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 36.
Miklós Spányi, tangent piano
BIS SACD 2263 : 80:00

BACH: Goldbeg Variations
Andreas Borregaard, accordion
BIS SACD 2399 (2 disks) TT: 90:06

"NOCTURNAL" Music of Holborne, Collard, Bacheler, Danyel, Byrd, Britten, Dowland, Johnson, and Anon.
Jakob Lindberg, lute and lute 'mandorée'
BIS SADS 2082 TT: 83:17

BIS continues their admirable series of recording solo keyboard music of C. P. E. Bach performed on a "tangent piano" by by Miklós Spányi, This rare instrument is rather like an early harpsichord and has a very delicate sound which seems highly appropriate for this music. We have 18 varied sonatas, fantasies and other woks and we surely can assume they are pemed in authentic style. BIS's engineers have captured the gentle sounds wi utmost clarity. Doubtless most of this music will be new o bar music enthusiasts.

Danish master of the accordion Andreas Borregard has made two recordings of contemporary music for his instrument. Now he turns his atention to the mighty Goldberg Variations. It is a tribute to his artistry that this music, originally writen for he clavichord but usually played on he piano, works so well played on he accodion. Borregaard is a fine musician, and his unique sound conveys Bach's music in an unusual, convincing way. Engineers have captured his sound realisically. Playing time of 90:00 requires two disks which are sold for the price of one. Unusual, and recommended!

Pentatone features their new star cellist, American-born Alisa Weilerstein, on this disk of Haydn and Schoenberg. called Transfigured Night. It is a rather odd coupling; the two composers have little in common except that they are Viennese. The two Haydn concertos are excellently performed. The Schoenberg is played in the original version for small string orchestra; I imagine most listeners would rather hear the richer sonorities of a larger group. Noble support is given by the youthful Norwegian chamber ensemble Trondheim Soloists. The recording, made April 2017 in Norway's Kirke Trondheim, offers excellent audio. Unusual is that the CD booklet contains the complete text that inspired Schoenberg;s masterpiece.

R.E.B. (September 2018)