Franz Halász, guitar
BIS SACD 2165 TT: 63:43

ELIASSON: Notturno for bass clarinet, cello and piano. Senza Risposte for flute, violin, cello and piano. Fogliame for violin, viola, cello and piano. Trio for violin, vibraphone and piano
Norrbotten Neo (Sarah Hammarström, flute. Robert Ek, clarinet. Daniel Saur, vibraphone. Marten Landström, piano. Kin Hellgren, viola.
BIS SACD 70 TT: 67:47

HANS LEO HASSLER: Various works for organ:
Joseph Keleman, organ
OEHNMS SACD OC 658 TT: 79:51

German guitarist Franz Halász has a brilliant career. Ever since he won the Andrés Segovia Competition in Spain, he has given numerous concerts and made many recordings for various labels. For BIS he has an SACD of Catalan Songs and Dances, with music of Mompou, Llobett and Manén. Now we have this delightful disk of various tangos by two of the master composers of the genre, Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel. Of course these are perfect performances. The BIS engineers have beautifully captured his sound most realrealistically in these recordings made February 2016 in Muniich's Grosschule für Musik und Theatre. Multi-channel sound really isn't necessary for a solo instrument, but engineers' have place us right in the hall with the artist. The only negative is that the program could have been a bit longer; there is considerable unused playing time on the disk.

Swedish Anders Eliasson (1937 - 2013) is recognized as a leading avant-garde composer. He has written profusely, symphonies,other orchestral works, concertos for various instruments (often in pairs), and chamber music. Little of his music has been recorded, so this new BIS SACD is welcome. The label issued 2 disks in 1994 of chamber music played by the Tale Quartet, and Disegno for solo trombone played by Christian Lindberg. Now weh have this SACD of four of his major adventures into chamber music. It contains two works for cello and piano, one with an added bass clarinet, the other with flute and violin. Those four instruments also are heard in Fogliami, and the final work. a Trio, is for violin, piano and vibraphone.All of this challenging music is played by the Norrbotten Neo Ensemble. Recordings were made May 2016 in Sweden's Stora Salen, Studio Acusticum, and engineers have captured the performances with greatest clarity. You can hear quite a bit of Eliasson's music on YouTube—check that before you get this SACD. If you are adventuresome, you'll relish this unusual music. None of it is anything I would want to hear often.

Oehms has a winner in this new SACD of organ music of Hans Leo Hassler (1562 -1612). He was a major figure he late Renaissance and early Baroque eras not only as a comp[oser, but as a designer of organs. .This well-filled disk (79:41) offers varied works performed on two different ibstruments: Freundt Organ (1642) in Klosterneuburg Church, and theGünzer Organ (1609) in St. Martin Church, Gabelbache. Joseph Kelemen is the superb organist, and the engineers have captgured acoustics of both churches admirably. This is an importnt issue for thoe who love the organ.

R.E.B. (May 2017)