BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 in D mninor
Royal Concertgebouw Orch/Mariss Jansons, cond.
RCOA LIVE SACD 16001 TT: 54:44
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YUN:" Singing Inside Aura" Water Rings Overture. Annica. Antiphonal Spirals. Singing Inside Aura. Grand Spiral: Desert Flowers Bloom.
Susan Ung as both violist and vocalist. Boston Modern Orchestra Prtoject/Gil Rose, cond.
BMOP SACD 1044 TT: 54:10
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"SCHUBERTIADE" - Lieder, instrumental music and poems by and inspired by Franz Schuberrt
Julian Prégardien, tenor/recitation. Marc HGantai, transverse flute. Xavier Diaz-Latorre, guitar. Phiulippe Pierlot, barytone
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Mariss Jansons continues his Bruckner recordings with this issue of Symphony No. 9 recorded during concerts in the Concertgebouw March 19, 21 and 23, 2014 (one might wonder why it was edited from three performances). Already released in this series are Symphonies 3 and 4 REVIEW), and Symphoniy No. 3 is also included in the RCOA Mariss Jansons set (REVIEW). Symphonies 5, 6 and 7 are coupled in a two-disk set. He also has a performance of Symphony No. 7 with theBavarian Radio Orchestra (REVIEW). Obviously Jansons has keen interest in music of Bruckner. Of course, the Concertgebouw Orchestra has a long history with this symphony having recorded it previouisly with Van Beinum, Haitink and Chailly. Jansons upholds this lofty tradition, and his version has the advantage of SACD.

Chinary Yun (b. 1924 in Cambodia) is highly regarded on today's contemporary music scene. He is a respected composer. receiving many awards and prizes. His music is challenging, sometimes utilizing unusual Asian instrumnts, unusual percussion, and a vocal sound as well. This disk offers a wide range of his music composed from 1970 to 2013. His colorful orchestration is always apparent, and one work, Singing Inside Aura, features the composer's wife, Susan Ung, as both violist and vocalist although you will find it difficult to hear the vocalizing as it is a part of the overall texture. Two of the works are from his "spiral" serries: Antiphonal Spirals and Grand Spiral. All of this musis is fascinating and challenging, a kaleidoscopie array of rich chinoiserie. The performances are expert, the multi-channel audio effectively clarifying the many unusual sounds. Recommended!

Schubertiade is a 75-minute celebration of Franz Schubert, alternating lieder, short instrumental works, and poems by Schubert or inspired by him. The tenor and narator is Julian Peègardien , assisted by Marc Hantai, transverse flute, Xavier Diaz- Latore, guitar, Philippe Pierlot, barytone. Prègardien already has to his credit many recordings of baroque music. His voice is perfect for this repertory, and the engineers have captured an appropriate intimate atmosphere. There are profuse program notes, but no texts for the lieder. Excellent sound. A fine issue!

R.E.B. (May 2016)