"The Coryells"
Larry Coryell, guitar; Murali Coryell, guitar/vocals; Julian Coryell, guitar; Alphonse Mouzon, percussion; Brian Torff, bass
CHESKY SACD 235 TT:  61:57 (5 channel)
Jazz guitarist Larry Coryell and his two sons, Julian and Murali are presented here along with percussionist Alphonse Mouzon and bassist Brian Torff in hour-plus program opening with "Sentenza Del Cuore" (Concerto for Two Jazz Guitars & Symphony Orch. arr. for Ensemble - 3 Jazz Guitars, Percussion & Bass).  Also featured are Goodbye Porkpie Hat, Sink or Swim, Zimbabwe, Low-Lee-Tah, Love and Happiness, Something Pretty, Trouble No More, Funky Waltz, Transparence, Somebody's Got to Win, Somebody's Got to Lose, and Song for Emily, most of which were written by family members.  Recorded in August 1999 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in New York, the sound stage is vivid and natural with remarkable clarity.
"The Persuasions sing The Beatles"
CHESKY SACD 244 TT:  49:29 (5 channel)
 The Persuasions male vocal quartet has been on the scene for more than four decades.  The four current singers - Jerry Lawson, Jayotis Washington, Ray Sanders and Jim Hayes - here present their versions of 14 Beatles songs recorded in St. Peter's Church in Manhattan including some lesser-known titles as well as the more familiar Yesterday, Imagine and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  They are perfect in what they do, called "the kings of a cappella" by NPR, and have been superbly recorded by Chesky - all four singers are right in front of you, and you are in the hall with them.  The only minus is the playing time:  49:29 isn't very much for a full-priced SACD.