ANA CARAM "Rio After Dark"
Rio After Dark, Alagoas, Meditation, Outdated Viola, Summer Days, La Cumbia, Looks Like December, Renovation, Rainbow, Whatever It is, I Can Handle It, Sem Legenda, Forever, Time and Place, Savannah, You've Got A Friend
Ana Caram with Paquito D'Rivera, David Finck, Antonio Carlos Jobim and others
CHESKY SACD 241 TT: 58:46 (5 channel)
Recorded in 1989, this is the debut recording of world-renowned Brazilian jazz vocalist Ana Caram, a recording highly praised by the jazz world, now issued in multi-channel sound.  Antonio Carlos Jobin has been her mentor for years and joins her on two tracks as do several other major jazz figures.  Chesky's surround sound is exemplary; performers are natural in perspective, with plenty of space and room sound.
LEE KONITZ "Parallels"
How Deep Is the Ocean, For Hank, Skylark, LT, 317 East 32nd, Palo Alto, Eyes, Subconscious Lee
Lee Konitz, alto saxophone; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Steve Gilmore, acoustic bass, Bill Goodwin, drums; Mark Turner, tenor saxophone

CHESKY SACD 240 TT: 58:28 (5 channel)
Recorded in December 2000, this is the multi-channel issue of the jazz elder statesman's premiere recording for the label.  Konitz is heard with other fine artists in a collection recognized as "a particularly attractive recording .... familiar but individual musical landscapes and climate played with quiet but absorbing authority."  The surround sound places the performers primarily in front with fine ambience.