'SPYRO GYRA" perform After Hours, Feelin' Fine, Groovin' for Grover, Open Door, Florida Straits, East River Blue, Your Touch, Julio's Party, The River Between, Lucky Bounce and Planet J.
HEADS UP HUSA 9061 TT: 60:51 (5.1 channel)
Spyro Gyra, which has been on the jazz scene for a quarter-century,  features Jay Beckenstein, saxophones (he also founded the group); Tom Schuman, keyboards; Julio Fernandez, guitars;  Scott Ambush, bass; and Joel Rosenblatt, drums, with, from time to time, added musicians on percussion and brass.  Arrangements are lively; energy abounds - and the engineering takes full advantage of multi-channel recording techniques - the listener is right in there with the performers.  Recommended!
'4 Generations of Miles'
There Is No Greater Love, All Blues, On Green Dolphin Street, Blue in Green, 81, Freddie Freeloader, My Funny Valentine, If I Were a Bell, Oleo
CHESKY SACD 243 TT:  67:04 (5 channel)
A very special recording for fans of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.   Recorded live May 12, 2002 at Makor in New York City, this features four musicians, each representing a different Miles Davis band over his career:  drummer Jimmy Cobb, Ron Carter, acoustic bass, Mike Stern, electric guitar and tenor saxophone George Coleman all paying tribute in their own distinctive way to Miles Davis.  No surround gimmicks; Chesky's live recording perfectly captures the nightclub ambience - you are right there, indeed.